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The Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins is more than just real estate.  It is under development as a resource to the scientists, business leaders, educators, and creators who work and visit the region.  The Park is a focal point for the economic development of the entire East Baltimore area.  As such, this site has been designed to integrate content from people who live and work in and around the Park.

The site showcases third party content to provide visitors an insight into the many aspects of area life.  Embedded and linked content is the property of its publisher.  Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins and e-Conversation Solutions, Inc. (the creator of the site) do not warrant the information represented in third party content.   Responsibility for ownership of material and accuracy is that of the publisher of the embedded or linked material. See Terms of Use for additional information on use and privacy policy.

Some home page pictures and gallery pictures were taken at public events or at events where the subject was aware of the picture being taken.  If for any reason, you want your picture removed, please let us know, contact us directly at istp@e-conversation.com.  When it comes to linked content, if we have linked your content and for any reason you wish to have that content removed, contact us directly at istp@e-conversation.comThe content will be removed within 3 working days. Company logos are used with the permission of participating companies.

Listings of merchants and suppliers are provided as a service to the community.  Content and offers listed on the site are the responsibility of the individual merchant.  Any questions about accuracy of content, omissions, or representations should be submitted in writing to balt@e-conversation.com.

If you would like to contribute to the site

The site is designed to integrate third party content into selected pages.  If you have content that you would like to share with us, kindly submit a link by email. Please also outline why this content may be relevant to our site, and the appropriate location for the content. 


This site was created by Mark E. Goodman and the e-Conversation Solutions Inc. team with special recognition to Devan Marie Perine for her creative efforts.  Video production services and guidance was provided by Fred Klein of Klein Video Services. Selected photographs on the home page and inner pages were created by Gail Burton. The panoramic view of Baltimore on the home page was provided by Leslie Furlong/Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.  Special thanks to Chris Font and Jay Margalus. Thanks to the Science + Technology Park contributors - Michael Rosen, Stephanie Holmes, Karen Brice and Jack Ellinghaus. Kudos to Sylvia Yacoubian and Curtis Adams for all of their efforts.

Given the nature of internet browsers, the website may exhibit small differences in how it is displayed when using various browsers.  For best viewing, please use the most current version of your browser.

See Terms of Use for additional information.

December, 2012